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Windshield Replacement

When cracks in a windshield are small and easily repaired, it’s not required to get a new windshield. However, if you delay and the cracking worsens, you may need to get a new one.

Because we care about our customers, Auto Glass Pros of Laguna Hills will always choose to repair their glass rather than replace it if at all possible. Only when it’s absolutely necessary do we replace windshields. We always try to provide you with the best, most cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions possible, but sometimes the damage and cracks in a windshield are too severe and the only choice is to replace it.

Here are the measures that make up our windshield installation procedure:
1. Our highly trained and experienced personnel will inspect the windshield at your location to determine the extent of the damage before selecting whether or not to replace it.
2. Our skilled technicians will repair your damaged windshield with new, top-notch auto glass, increasing your protection on the road.
3. We’ll implant it with the newest state-of-the-art adhesives, primers, and technology.
4. We’ll wipe off all the glass and dispose of any shards.

Auto Glass Pros of Laguna Hills is Orange County’s most modern windshield replacement and repair service. We’re known for our prompt service, friendly staff, and high standard of repair work. Each vehicle is cared for as if it were our own, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We repair windshields on any car according to the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

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How do you replace your windshield?

There’s a good reason why replacing your windshield isn’t something you should do very often. Time, effort, and expertise are all required. The glass could crack or break at a particularly horrible time owing to a single miscalculation. The need of a safe windshield is often overlooked until it’s too late. It’s best to have a professional handle the replacement, and we’re not just stating that so you’ll give money to the collision repair shop. However, if you have the motivation and time to study, here’s how to get started.

1. Toss out everything
The area around the windshield must be cleared in order to reveal its full width. After popping the hood, take off the windshield wipers, trim, and any clips holding them in place. Due to the varied construction of automobile windshields, removing the molding may require either a single piece or several separate parts and clips. You can open certain clips with your own hands, but others will need a screwdriver.

2. Create a Strategy
Find the most effective method of disconnecting the windshield from the welded metal of the vehicle’s frame. (called the pinch-weld.) Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle can be used to remove the windshield, and a specialist knife or razor is typically used to do the job. You’ll need to take a close look at the angles to figure out how well yours fits and how best to cut through the urethane around the entire rim. If you search YouTube, you can even find a tutorial specifically for your model.

3. Detach the windshield from the car
This is going to be difficult. Trimming the urethane seal that keeps the laminated glass in place in the metal frame. Since there is more room on the outside, most people prefer to work on the problem from there, although this can be dangerous. Your car’s glass could shatter if the urethane strip wasn’t thick enough. (more than an eighth of an inch). Use a knife with an extended handle and continuously run the blade across the urethane from the inside out until the urethane is completely sliced. Wearing gloves is a must for safety reasons. Once you’re done, carefully remove the glass from the interior. The urethane, assuming it was cut correctly, would simply pop out. The glass is hefty, so you might want to enlist some assistance in moving it.

4. Tidying Up
A brush and some water are all that’s needed to get rid of any grime. Before applying fresh urethane, it’s crucial to get the area ready. After the pinch weld has been sanded to eliminate rust, any excess urethane can be cut away with a razor. Before adding new urethane, make sure the existing coating is at least 3/16 inches (3 millimeters) thick. Prime the pinch weld with a product recommended by the urethane manufacturer, then apply it in accordance with the primer’s directions. The border of the new windshield should also be primed, according to a number of primers. Don’t miss the priming stage because it encourages adhesion and aids in preventing future corrosion.

5. Coat the surface with urethane
Apply a generous bead of urethane over the full edge of the pinch weld using a caulking gun for a seamless appearance. It has been found that extruded beads with a triangular shape produce the most desirable outcomes. We recommend utilizing an electric caulking gun to produce a urethane-consistency barrier between the pinch weld and your windshield. If you don’t have one, you can get one at any hardware store. If your urethane bead has any holes or splits in it, you can patch them up with a putty knife or a flathead screwdriver.

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