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Rear Window Replacement

Back windshields may not crack as often as front ones do since they are less likely to be hit by road debris, insects, or even birds, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever break or require upkeep.

Replacement of the rear window

  1. We double-check the glass and make sure we have the correct size and shape before we even leave the shop to come to your home and install it. (our mobile service is free). The first step in any car installation is always a thorough evaluation of the damage to establish whether or not the part has to be replaced.
  2. It is necessary to remove the broken glass from the car before installing the new glass. Then, we give your car’s inside a complete cleaning. Shrapnel from shattered back windows flies everywhere, creating a disturbance. We start by wiping off the freshly installed glass, then we install the rear defroster and the replacement window.
  3. The entire procedure, from removing the broken glass to replacing it, takes about an hour. After that, you’ll have to wait an additional hour for the urethane to cure so you can get behind the wheel.

Auto Glass Pros of Laguna Hills is Orange County’s most modern windshield replacement and repair service. We’re known for our prompt service, friendly staff, and excellent standard of repair work. Every customer’s vehicle receives the same individualized attention that we give to our own. To guarantee your safety and satisfaction, we always replace windshields in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Contact us if you need to replace the rear window of your vehicle. So that we can give you the finest service possible, we’ve made it simple and fast to replace the glass in the back window. ​​

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Broken rear window glass

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Vandalism Safety Tips

The windshield and other auto glass components are susceptible to chipping, shattering, and even breaking as a result of roadside collisions and extremely cold weather.

Additionally to these issues, vandalism also damages window glasses and automobile windshields. Auto windshields are built of toughened glass, but even so, accidents still happen.

Here are some preventative measures to take in the face of vandalism:

  • Contact the police if vandalism has occurred and a report needs to be filed. In the event that your car’s glass has to be repaired or replaced, you should contact a reliable auto glass repair service.
  • Contact your car insurance carrier to discuss filing a claim for repair costs.
  • If you lose your wallet and any of the cards within, you should contact your bank immediately to cancel your credit cards and/or checks.
  • If you lose your car keys, you should get a replacement set made by a locksmith.
  • If your cell phone goes missing while you’re in the car, contact your carrier immediately.
  • If one of your credit cards goes missing, you should immediately contact all three credit reporting agencies to report a possible scam.

The only way to deter vandalism is to take drastic measures. Hide anything of value that could attract thieves or vandals. If you have to park your car in a sketchy area, don’t even think of leaving any paperwork in there.

You should make duplicates of your important documents like your passport, driver’s license, bank and credit cards, and keep them locked away in a safe place at home. Always look for well-lit, secure areas to park your car. Turn the car off and make sure the trunk and all the doors are locked.

Let the police know if you need to leave your vehicle in a public area for an extended period of time. You should install a security system if your home has a garage or a driveway.
You should install lighting between your home and garage if you have a driveway. Parking under a streetlight or another source of nighttime illumination is a good option if you must leave your vehicle on the street.

Even though it costs a pretty penny, you should invest in a car cover. A large car cover may deter vandals who were considering targeting your vehicle. Incorporate a locking mechanism for the wheel. Your car will be much more secure as a result of this.

The costs associated with vandalism may be high. Vandalism damage is typically covered by a standard insurance policy. However, prevention is always preferable to fixing problems after the fact. As far as possible, work to prevent vandalism from occurring.

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